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From Chinese 明 (míng) meaning "bright, light, clear"

Taking inspiration from history, The Ming Dynasty Collection is one that is both meaningful and stylish. Not only was it a time when the Chinese began a new way of life, but it also brought light to culture and arts to new levels. This collection is strong, bold and timeless with 12 beautiful designs, all made reversible with a slim cut, also known as, the Batwing style. A black rose pattern on one side for all your formal events is complimented with a splash of color on the other, which we thoughtfully chose based on your birthstone.

Legend has it that the emperor, Liu, strategically placed messages inside mooncake boxes during the Mid-Autumn festival to spread the word to rally against the Mongols for liberation. In addition, the imperial porcelain factory was established during the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, leading to the Xuande porcelain [blue and white] which is still very popular amongst Chinese design and held in high regard.

To pay homage, each bow tie from this collection will be presented with a special message based on your stone in a blue and white box for that added special touch.

With Ming being my Chinese name, I created this collection to represent tradition and modern times by designing a classic piece and putting a fresh spin on it.

JANUARY - Garnet

JANUARY - Garnet