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The ABC's of Style

Finding your style is simple as ABC! So for all you guys out there trying to figure out what to wear for your big day or that special event, check out our easy style guide below. Best part is, if you decide to rock a reversible design, you can choose to be who you are and also experiment with who you might want to be.

Are you...

AdventurousFar from the box, you put the hip in hipster and unapologetic having great taste. You're edgy, trendy & fun. Your style is BRIGHT. BOLD. SPIRITED.

Style Influencers - Adam Levine, Pharrell, Kanye West


Bond [James Bond]: You enjoy the finer things in life. The Jay-Z in your group. Daring & Dynamic, yet understated. Your style is LUSH. LUXURIOUS. RICH.

Style Influencers - LL Cool J, Usher, David Beckham


Classic: You like to KISS [keep it simple & sharp] and tell.  The leading man in every ROM COM movie. Conservative & clean, yet distinguished and not boring. Your style is COOL. CALM. COLLECTED.

Style influencers: Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney