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Rollercoasters. I’ve never really been a fan of them – mainly because I almost always get sick after I ride one. And February was definitely a rollercoaster! Though I thankfully didn’t get sick, I definitely got the sweats and dry heaved along the way. This, of course, is all metaphorically speaking lol. All this for the ‘secret’ project I have been working on and can now finally share!

I was contacted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth at the end of January [31st] to create a design for the Site Selectors Guild Conference. They wanted items to wear to represent an Ontario based company.  As usual, I thought it was spam or some sort of a joke, so of course, I went to my friend Google to do some ‘research’ to find out the legitimacy of this inquiry. Everything checked out and literally within a 3 day period, I had to:

·         secure a graphic designer, THANK YOU TORI from FRAMBOISE DESIGN & CO. for coming through!
·         shop for fabrics,
·         get test samples printed as we were going to use a new textile

The kicker was on Friday afternoon, I was asked if I could drop by their office the following Monday to present our design concepts to a panel. Luckily I had prepped some printed sample fabrics already! So over the weekend, Tori and I manically worked on trying a bunch of designs - almost 12 when all was said and done, while thinking about what I was going to say in some sort of coherent way.

Monday rolls around and as I finalize my presentation and go to print it, my printer decides NOT TO WORK! So I quickly run to the nearest Staples before heading downtown. The pitch went well and by Tuesday, we got the green light to move forward and we hit the ground running and started getting everything in order. It should be noted that we needed to have everything delivered by March 3rd.

What proceeded to happen the following weeks really proved that in business you can never be totally prepared!  We faced A LOT of unexpected situations, which I won’t get into detail with, but let’s just say I am thankful for coffee and access to a car.

Yes, there were many sleepless nights, but with the help of my family and support of my friends I knew that this was one of those moments where I had to leave it in God’s hands to take care of.  I am thankful for the patience of the vendors I worked with because the issues we faced were not something we could have known or prepared for.  

They say that ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,’ and man, did that ever prove true for this project. I would do it again in a heartbeat because this was one of the best learning experiences. It didn’t come without some tears and frustration, but I know when I look back, this will be one of those moments I will remember that changed the business.  Not only was this a huge opportunity, but the motivation I needed to think bigger for TYTAN.

I am truly proud of what we were able to achieve because the final products are amazing. I could not have done this alone.  Oh man, cue the Oscar music lol….here we go:

To my parents,  you guys are the true MVP. That is all.
Tracey – thank you for keeping me grounded. I know I can be a lot to handle lol.
Tori – thank you for entertaining my crazy ideas and sticking by me even when it was tough.
Sophie, Gable, Crystal, Heidi, Ash, Janet, Velsie – your ears must be bleeding from my rants, but thank you for the distractions and listening.

Thank you to the wonderful people over at the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth for your kindness and support, it was such a pleasure!   

Below I have documented the process to the final product :)

Professional Photos: @9KoiStudio [IG]